3 Ways to Avoid the Missing Tile Syndrome

Are you experiencing the Missing Tile Syndrome? Ways to Avoid the Missing Tile Syndrome

Would you like to find out, please read What is the Missing Tile Syndrome? Now, if your answer is “No”, that’s an achievement, keep it up for that. But, if your answer is “Yes”, you want to fix it for your self.

Ways to Avoid the Missing Tile Syndrome

Here are the 3 ways to avoid the Missing Tile Syndrome.

3 Ways to Avoid the Missing Tile Syndrome:

1) Avoid Covetousness:

The strong desire to acquire something that belongs to other people is Covetousness. Covetousness always starts with the mind. The desire to have something becomes too strong, that you can’t help but think about it. Gradually, your words and action made it obvious.

Covetousness can be cunning because no one can have enough of what they covet. It’s not possible. Over the time, covetousness becomes harmful to our life because of its voracious cravings. We don’t even realize when the covetousness leads to other sins like stealing, lying, adultery, murder, and the list just goes on and on. Hence,

“Let your demeanor be without COVETOUSNESS; be content with the things that you have.” 

2) Be Thankful & Show Gratitude:

Being thankful for what you have is the most wonderful and powerful thing we can do. If you are thankful, you will surely appreciate what you have instead of obsessing over what you don’t. Being thankful & showing gratitude is exponentially better than being envious and bitter towards others & scarcity in life.

A life without gratitude is always an unhappy & unfilled life. When you will feel thankfulgrateful, and content in your own life and in your own experiences, it will help you stay away from Covetousness. Ultimately, let you live a happy & content life.

“See each day as a new opportunity for happiness, rather than another challenge to struggle through. Choose to be thankful and enjoy the happy feeling about life. Express gratitude to others and receive more gratitude.” 

3) Be content:

Being content means mentally & emotionally contented with things as they are and accepting circumstances. Contentment helps you to avoid looking at the missing tile in your life. So, you start focusing on the things that you have in your life.

However, being content does not mean that you should not try to improve your situation. It also doesn’t mean that you should feel content with just being a burden to others when you know the fact that you could do better. It’s your right to become the best that you can be without falling in the trap of the missing tile syndrome.

“Being content is being in a state of happiness and satisfaction in life. Be Content, it isn’t an excited kind of happiness, but it’s more like a peace of mind for a happy life. We don’t really own anything in this world. Everything is owned by the Supreme Power. Hence, if we lose something, it should not be that hard to part from it. Therefore, it should also be easy for us to give or share.” 

Final Word:

The Missing Tile Syndrome is a big hindrance between you and happiness. Being thankful and content are the best ways to Avoid the Missing Tile Syndrome and defeat it.

Let it not continue to rob your happiness. But, feel gratitude for the “tiles” that you have in your life and live a better and happier life!

“Happiness comes when we stop complaining about the troubles we have and say Thanks for the trouble we don’t have.”

“Count your Blessings & Choose Happiness!!!”

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