45 Minutes Power Nap for $25 Only

A scientific research says a power nap of 45 minutes can boost your memory up to 5 times. That’s correct, you read it right. Will you be interested in a 45 minutes power nap for $25 Only? You sure will be, keep reading.

A quick power nap helps you in retaining the information you learnt. This significantly helps in improving your recall capability. Hence, helps in boosting your memory. This means we should think seriously about the positive effects of a power nap for the people who are in a constant learning environment. Therefore, a power nap in school or at the office is sufficiently enough to improve the learning success significantly.

45 Minutes Power Nap for $25 Only:

The Dreamery, a storefront for you to take 45 minutes power nap for $25. Casper is opening this storefront for the Sleepy New Yorkers, who need a nap on the go. Are you giggling?

45 Minutes Power Nap for $25 Only It’s really not funny when on a warm afternoon you are not able to keep your eyes open at work. As per a Scientific Research, during sleep, Sleep Spindles i.e. bursts of brain activity, play an important role in consolidating the information which you have learnt just now. It’s important that we make sleep and rest a part of our regular wellness routines.

The Dreamery- A Casper 45 Minutes Power Nap Store:

45 Minutes Power Nap for $25 OnlyThese are “O” Shaped giant wooden nooks. These nooks have curtains, soundproofed backing, and they’re stocked with Casper beds. These are much fancier than the office couch. The Dreamery also has lockers to keep your stuff. There are private washrooms, a lounge where you can hang out & have coffee before or after. They are also offering additional facilities such as Pajamas and Headspace “sleepcasts.” The sheets used on beds are changed between each session.

You can book a session of 45 minutes power nap for $25. If you are in New York, visit The Dreamery. It is on the same New York City block as a Casper sleep store. TechCrunch New York couch is something you would like to take advantage of after a big lunch; or, after a morning that started early.

Final Word:

The Dreamery concept will help to initiate new ways of bringing better sleep to more people and to more places – be it the workplace, airports or beyond.

All you need is A concentrated period of learning followed by a short relaxing sleep. That’s All.

Happy Napping !!!

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