7 Space Tourism Companies to Give You An Overview Effect

How about if you get to go for Space Tourism? Isn’t it like a dream come true? Imagine, you as a Space Tourist, will see our home planet from its top. Yes, there are companies who are about to be Space Tourism Companies in a couple of years.  Once these companies start providing space tourism services, you will see your home planet from above.

  • The first thing you will see is Earth’s horizon curve.
  • Then, you will see that luminous thin envelope of the atmosphere which keeps us alive.
  • Once you cross the daylight portion of Earth, you will see gigantic mesmerizing landscapes – mountains and valleys, beneath you.
  • When you move to the other side of Earth in the orbit, you will see night and the city lights turn on.
  • Now you can see the human landscape of the planet.

This experience is so intense this will change the way we think of the world and humanity. As per Psychologists, it will an overview effect.

What is Space Tourism?

A travel to space for recreational, leisure or business purposes is Space tourism. It could be of various kinds, such as orbital, suborbital and lunar space tourism.

7 Space Tourism Companies to Give You An Overview Effect:

To give you a profound experience, a number of companies are competing to build rockets to take you to the space tourism trip of a lifetime. Following are the 7 Space Tourism Companies to Give You An Overview Effect:

1) Blue Origin:

Blue Origin is Jeff Bezos’ private spaceflight venture. This private spaceflight venture is planning to send space tourists for space tourism possibly in late 2018 or early 2019 for their first flight with humans onboard.

Space Tourism
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The travel time to space with Blue Origin will be the short-duration. It will last for approx. 11 minutes. You will have to take a day’s training, which you would get right before the flight.

In this training, you will get to know about the mission overview, vehicle overviews, safety briefings, and mission simulations. Though there is no confirmation about the cost of the tickets, it could be around $2.5 Million per person.

2) Virgin Galactic:

Virgin Galactic has a different plan. They will take space tourists on suborbital flights in SpaceShipTwo. Their SpaceShipTwo is launched from an aircraft rather than a rocket.

Space Tourism
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This Space Tourism Company will take just a few minutes to take you for space tourism. On SpaceShipTwo for a suborbital flight, you will have to pay $250,000.

And, you as space tourist won’t need extensive training. As per the records of 2017, about 650 people are ready to be a space tourist. That means they have already purchased tickets.

3) Orion Span:

Orion Span will bill the Aurora Station as the world’s first luxury space hotel. This station will have two private suites. Total of four guests and two crew member can stay at a time.  If you want to make your stay a little more permanent, for you Aurora Station is planning to sell out some space condos.

Space Tourism
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Each seat will cost you $9.5 million for a 12-day space tourism trip. However, their goal is to bring down the costs a little so that the space tourism could become more affordable for all. The space tourists or the Guests You will have to take a training prior to space tourism trip.

4) Space Adventures:

Till date Space Adventures is the only successful space tourism company in a real sense. It took seven space tourists on space tourism till date. However, it couldn’t take new guests to space since 2009 due to its capacity issues. Space Adventures doesn’t own any spacecraft. However, Space Adventures are partners to Roscosmos. And, use Roscosmos’s spacecraft to send its guests into space, and plans to do so in the future as well.

Space Tourism
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Also, it is planning new space missions for space tourism. The plan includes a spacewalk and a trip around the moon, including a stay at the International Space Station (ISS).

5) Roscosmos:

Earlier, Roscosmos took space tourists for Space Adventures to the ISS. However, it recently began developing its own space tourism programs. They are planning to build a luxury space hotel for the ISS. In this hotel, you will get a private living quarter with four “bedrooms” each of about 70 cubic feet. Apart from this, you will get hygiene and medical facilities along with a lounge.

Space Tourism
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For a one-two week stay, you will have to spend about $40 million; and, for a month it will cost you $60 million. This will include spacewalk which will be guided by a cosmonaut. You can expect the launch of the space hotel by 2022. Training is mandate for this stay.

6) Kosmokurs:

Like Blue Origin’s flights, Kosmokurs will take about 15 minutes to take you to space. It will be a short-duration mission, just a few minutes of weightlessness.

Space Tourism
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The package will cost you approx. $200,000 – $250,000 per person. You will have to undergo a three days training program.

7) SpaceX:

SpaceX (an aerospace manufacturer) is planning to send two space tourists on a lunar free-return trajectory in 2018. It will use the Dragon V2 spacecraft for this mission and it will be launched by the Falcon Heavy rocket instead of using a larger rocket. However, the details are scarce. 

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