Believe it or not – Struggle Helps All
Believe it or not – Struggle Helps All. There are people among us who love to help others. Sam is one of such people. He loves Gardening. In his garden, he saw a little Butterfly laying few eggs in one of the pots. Since that day his curiosity knew no bound. He is now waiting for the eggs to hatch with ever-growing curiosity and eagerness.

Butterfly’s Eggs & Sam’s Curiosity:

One day, the egg starts to move and shake a little. A new life is about to come right in front of his eyes. And, he is very eager to see a new life. So, he kept watching the egg for hours.
Then, he saw that the egg is expanding and a crack appears. A little head and antennae are coming out as slow as possible ever. Seeing this, Sam’s excitement is on the 9th cloud. He ran inside his house to get his magnifying glasses. With his magnifying glasses on, he waits to watch the body of the pupa coming out.
Sam couldn’t resist his urge to “HELP” when he saw the tender pupa struggling to come out. So, he again went inside his house and brought a small pair of forceps. He started helping the egg break by putting a nip here and there. His intention is to help the struggling pupa come out from the egg.

The Pupa & the Sam:

Sam was highly thrilled by the fact that he helped the struggling life come out into existence. Now, he use to wait every day for the pupa to grow & fly like a beautiful butterfly. However, to his dismay, pupa never grew, hence, couldn’t fly ever. Not only this but the little pupa died in 4 weeks.
The pupa kept crawling in the pot for 4 weeks because it had an oversized head.


Depressed and sad Sam went to his botanist friend to ask why the little pupa died in 4 weeks.
The botanist friend told him that the struggle to break the egg to come out helps the larvae to send blood to its wings. At the same time, the head push in this process helps the head to remain small. In pupa’s 4-week life cycle, the small head supports the tender wings strong enough for its flight. That means, in his urge to help, Sam ruined a beautiful life.

Believe it or not – Struggle Helps All:

A little effort goes a long way to strengthen our intensity to face life’s struggles or hardship. Sometimes, as parents, we go too far trying to help and protect our kids from life’s ungracious truths and setbacks. We never want our kids to struggle the way we did. Hence, we do every possible thing to keep them away from such situations in life.
However, as per a psychiatrist from Harvard, the over-protected kids are more prone to struggle in bondings and with challenges in life. Also, we send our kids a message that they are not capable enough to help themselves.

It is our responsibility as a parent or mentor to prepare our Children for the Road & Not prepare the Road for our Children!!!

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