How to Build Resilience? How it Applies to you?

There are circumstances when we face challenges, difficulties and issues. And, we feel this is it, we can’t overcome this. This is when we need to be more resilient. We need to be strong enough to get through the situation. But, how can we be more resilient practically? How to build resilience?

What is Resilience?

Being resilient is the ability to adapt, recover and bounce back when something troublesome happens in our lives. It is the capability to recollect and pick up ourselves after a trauma or a painful experience. Resilience empowers us to develop a system to shield against encounters which could be overpowering. It encourages us to keep up the stability in our lives amid troublesome or distressing timeframes. And, it can likewise shield us from the possible psychological challenges and issues.

Our levels of resiliency keep changing throughout our lives. There are times, when we may feel that we could not cope up. And, then there are times when we easily overcome the situation. The short, resilience is just one of the numerous psychological instruments we execute to get us back to be comfortable or feel normal once again.

Why is it important to be Resilient?

Resilient people do not dwell on failure rather acknowledge the situation, learn from their mistakes, and move ahead. The good news is that resiliency is a skill that can be learned and improved with practice. There is no point beating yourself up for things that went wrong, rather than focusing on the things that went well.

Possibly you haven’t gone through a tragic loss yet. But the technique isn’t just for people going through hardship, it can apply to anyone and everyone. You never know, when in life one has to face the challenges & tragic circumstances. Hence, it is applicable to everyone.

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How to build Resilience?

Though there are many ways to build up the resilience, this one I found the miraculous. And that miraculous way is writing down three things you did well that day before you go to bed. It not necessarily will have to be a big thing, but small things which generally we never consider. Such as running a successful meeting, listening to your instinct when it wants to talk, saying something kind to someone, etc. Sounds simple, right? But the results are going to be game-changing.

We generally focus on everything we do wrong throughout the day, while rarely giving ourselves credit for anything that went right. And, this particular step makes small struggles bigger, erodes your confidence and lower down your resilience.

Probably, you will never treat anybody else this way. And that’s the whole point. We focus so much on building great relationships with others, and yet we often form terrible relationships with ourselves.

Maybe this is a foreign idea, and you go to bed each night thinking of all the great stuff you did. But, if that’s not the case, perhaps it’s time for a change – and to take time to write out what you did well, instead of what you did wrong.

This simple action will build your resilience, increase your happiness and ultimately make you happier. And it takes all of five minutes.

Seems worth trying? Try it…you will be amazed by the results. It is transformative.

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