Is it OK to be Content?

Is it OK to be Content? First of all, what is the meaning of being content? For me, to be content is when you are satisfied and happy. Contentment is not an excited kind of happiness, it’s more like happiness with peace of mind.

Is it OK to be Content?

The answer to this question is conditional. Being content is a great thing, however, it can be an avoidance technique as well. We need to understand, more than that accept that there is a difference between not wanting anything because you are content; and, not wanting anything because you think you cannot get it.

I have met only a few people in my lifetime who are actually seemed to be content when they said they are. The rest of the people said they are content as if they are giving up.

Do we need to be pursuing something? Do we need to have goals? Do we need to be improving ourselves in some or the other way all the time? Absolutely not! And I mean that.

At the same time, I know people who are ambitious and still content. Yes, it is very much possible. The feeling of being content is momentary. To be ambitious or to have aims is important. However, to be content with what you have is much more important. Aim big so that you will at least achieve something rather than nothing. And, feel happy about it that you have something rather than being aimless and achieving nothing. Gradually, this feeling will show you the way to be content.

Shoot for the moon. By any chance, if you miss, you still will land amidst the stars!!!

This means, If you aim for something, even if you do not achieve it, you will still be somewhere better than where you started. Hence, aim high, higher than your current status and let that be the driving force for you to be content as a by-product of your attempt. You will at least something more than your current status.

To make you understand this in a better way consider contentment like hunger. You can eat without stuffing an excess amount of food in yourself; and, stop at the point where your hunger is just sated. Eventually, you will feel hunger again. Have your food again when you are hungry. That’s how human growth and potential is.

As far as ambition is concerned, it will sprawl back when you will set new targets and goals for yourself. If you are a person with a balanced practical mentality, you will be able to sense the need for new targets and goals on time. After all, ambition comes from within. It’s alright to be at coast sometimes. That’s how a get a way to be content.

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Are you Content?

  1. Do you feel tremendous gratitude for your life?
  2. Do you feel at ease with the decisions you have made at present?
  3. Do you feel at peace with yourself with all or any of your shortcomings?
  4. Do you have almost nothing in your life that ruins that peace?
  5. Do you feel uplifted and connected to yourself, others and life?

If all your answers are yes, then you are in the minority and I would like to congratulate you. But, does that means that the rest of us are discontent? Not necessarily. Also, if you say you are content, it does not mean you are without any wants or aims or ambitions. It simply means that you are OK with the things you have at the moment; and, you may desire for more as per your sense of need. As I mentioned above that ambition sprawls back when you will set new targets and goals for yourself.

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It is OK to be Content. It is amazing. I wish it for all of us. However, if we are not, it is better to be honest about it and realize that it’s not something to be afraid of. “Healthy discontent is the prelude to progress”- This is what Mahatma Gandhi said.

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