Repurposing Content for Life by Review, Redo and Renew

Why Repurpose? Finding new and better uses for assets you already have will not only save your money and time but, this will also save your energy and sanity. Repurposing Content for Life by Review, Redo and Renew for a beautiful transformation.

I grabbed onto the concept of repurposing content with both hands and all ten toes during my lean financial years. Many resources you already have access to can become tools for your survival and resilience.

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When you find a new purpose for an old thing, it may not be so dramatic. But having the mindset to be so creatively inclined is a wise means for renewal. Rather than wasting or eliminating items which you don’t currently need or use, find another use that will serve you better.


Repurposing is applicable to more than physical things. Consider repurposing your thoughts. While the gremlin in your head may be trying to keep you safe, it can also make you play small and play safe as it tries to keep you from getting hurt.

Tell that never-ending warning voice: “Thank you. I appreciate you helping me and trying to protect me, but I don’t need it anymore. This is what I really need your help with _______. Would you please stand guard to make sure that you support me and my responsibilities to do this instead?” What persistent thoughts do you have that would serve you better if you repurposed them to help you rather than hinder you?


I once had a coaching client who was an eloquent political speaker, however, that particular platform did not bring him joy. I encouraged him to expand and repurpose his talent for inspiring and motivating others to live his passion, rather than continuing to jump through the hoops of politics.

We see many people, who upon retirement, will pursue new opportunities in which they can utilize their strengths and be of service, even if it is in a completely unrelated field.

Ask yourself:

What strengths and talents can you put to a different use for creating a new endeavor, participating in a passionate quest, or put to good use to make a few extra bucks?


When I write content for my blog, it is not for the sole purpose of publishing an article. Once I convert my material into content for the blog, then it can take many new forms. And, it can have various applications. And it’s a welcome relief to realize there’s no need to recreate the wheel for additional content when I can re-purpose the final content of my blog by turning it into social media posts, podcasts, quote cards, and more. Repurposing helps me save incredible amounts of time, while exponentially growing my message and impact.

“Our goal becomes our purpose. What we find along the way to our goal, we repurpose that to reach our goal. The repurposing of an old thought, idea, or memory to a new purpose is the height of creativity.” That’s what you call Repurposing Content for Life by Review, Redo and Renew for Positive Change & Transformation.

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