The Secret of Happiness

Once a group of fifty people was participating in a seminar. The agenda of the seminar was to find the Secret of Happiness. What is Happiness is Life? Is it really so difficult to find the happiness?

What is Happiness is Life?

I feel happiness is a state of mind, don’t you? If our mind is at peace, we are happy. And, if this peace of mind can exist in every situation of our life, that’s Happiness. Whether we have nothing at all or we have everything the world can give – pleasure, possessions, power. If we have peace of mind in both these situation, that’s happiness.

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The Seminar – The Secret of Happiness:

The meeting started just a few minutes back that the speaker suddenly just stopped and gave balloons to all the participants. While distributing balloons, he said, Everyone has to write their names on this balloon with this marker. So, everyone did the same.

Now, the balloons were kept in another room. The Speaker asked everyone to go together in that room where balloons are there. And, asked them to find the balloon of their own names within five minutes. On hearing this, everyone quickly gets into the room and started looking for their balloons like crazy.

But in this chaos, none of them could find their balloons. Once the given five minutes are over, the speaker called them back to the meeting room.

Speaker questioned, “Hey! what happens, why you all are empty hands? None of you could find the balloons of your own name?

No ! We searched a lot, but always got a balloon of someone else’s name, one of the Participants said in a disappointing voice.

On this, the speaker said, “Never mind, guys go to that room again. But this time, whichever balloon you get pick it up and give it to the person whose name is written on it.”

Once again all the participants went to the room, but this time all were quiet; and, there was no ruckus in the room. Everyone picked up one balloon each and gave it to the person whose name was written on that balloon. This time all of them came out of the room in three minutes.

What is The Secret of Happiness?

The speaker said in a serious tone, “That’s exactly what is happening in our lives too. Everyone is living for themselves. No one bothers about how s/he can help others. Everyone is just looking for their own happiness like crazy. But, after finding a lot no one gets anything.

Do you know why?

Because “our happiness is hidden in others’ happiness“. When we learn to give happiness to others, we will find our happiness in our own selves. And, this is guaranteed.

Try this key to find the secret of happiness, and let us know if it worked for you.Tips to be Happier in Life

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