What is the Missing Tile Syndrome?

A regular daily routine like waking up, taking shower, breakfast, going to the office, back to home, some family time, dinner, back to sleep, this is what we all common people follow. However, even in this tightly packed routine, we tend to fall into the various trap of the Missing Tile Syndrome. Have you ever been like “I wish I were_______”? This blank space could be a number of adjectives, such as thinner, smarter, richer. etc. Or “I wish I had______”? Here, this blank space could be a big house, a big car, etc. I am sure most of us definitely would have thought this at least once in the lifetime.

Are you experiencing the Missing Tile Syndrome? Would you like to find out? Read ahead. An accurate and self-explainable example of the very concept was given by Mr. Dennis Prager.What is the Missing Tile Syndrome?

What is the Missing Tile Syndrome?

This story will help you understand what is the Missing Tile Syndrome in a better way.

Once upon a time, a famous hotel in a small city built a swimming pool in its premises. They used the finest Italian tiles around the swimming pool. But, the labor who was constructing the swimming pool by mistake forgot to place one tile in place, that means one tile was missing around the swimming pool.

Now, the people who come to this hotel, they do appreciate those beautiful Italian tiles. Seeing so many beautiful tiles at one place, everybody would be enchanted. They closely observe and appreciates those tiles. While doing so, everyone notices that one Missing. That only moment people forget about the beauty of so many other tiles and start feeling sorrow about that one missing tile. And, here onwards, people could not see the beauty of those so numerous other Italian tiles. Most of the people who used to go to swimming pool started complaining about that one missing tile. 

Many people would be very sad to see that missing tile and they started trying to fix it somehow. They want to place that missing tile and make that swimming pool and surrounding a perfect place. When people couldn’t fix that missing tile, they were sad about it. And, otherwise beautiful swimming pool could not give happiness to the people. Among the thousands of amazingly beautiful Italian tiles, the missing tile dominated their mind.

Do you Know Why that one tile was missing?

That missing tile was an experiment in that beautifully made swimming pool. This psychological experiment proves that our focus goes towards deficiencies. No matter how we are doing in life, how good everything in our life, if there is any lack or problem exists, our attention will be on that lack or problem only. That Missing Tile was just an example. The same thing happens in our life as well.

The Missing Tile Syndrome:

Missing Tile Syndrome is a psychological problem. In this syndrome, all our attention remains towards the lack of life that we have not been able to achieve. And, due to this, we are unable to stay happy. Or, we can say the biggest reason for our unhappiness. No matter, how good life is, we see only those things which are *missing* in our life. And, we make that *missing* part as the biggest reason for our grief.

The term “Missing Tile Syndrome” was given by Dennis Prager. It means focussing towards the things that we have not been able to achieve or we don’t have. And, while doing so we ourselves rob our own happiness. 

A missing tile in a swimming pool would not have any effect but that in our life will definitely have a huge effect, especially a big one on our HAPPINESS. 

Ways to Avoid the Missing Tile Syndrome      

Missing tile is stealing our focus and all the joys of our lives. It is causing physical and mental disorders. There could be many instances where are unhappy about our losses. However, at the same time, we must remember that we have so many things in life to appreciate about. Hence, it is completely in our hands that we keep our focus on the missing tile and remain unhappy or appreciate those positive things which we have in life and be happy.

Can we change this one habit to bring happiness to our life?

We need to keep trying to aspire high but never ignore the blessings we already have. Let’s enjoy the life given to us. Afterall knowingly/unknowingly its designed by us only.

Are you experiencing the Missing Tile Syndrome in your life?

Ways to Avoid the Missing Tile SyndromeAre you one of the victims of missing tile syndrome? I am sure till now you would have the answer to this question. If your answer is “No”- Great !!! Keep living a Happy Life forever. However, if your answer is “Yes”, please read

Ways to Avoid the Missing Tile Syndrome

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