Will and Enlightenment
A wealthy man, while giving his son a will says, after my death, I want to wear these pair of torn socks. This is my last wish. I want you to please fulfill it.

As per Hindu rituals, after the death of a person, before cremation, the person is to be given a bath.

So, the son told the priest about this father’s last wish. The priest said, our religion doesn’t allow to wear a person anything after death while cremation.

But, the son was adamant to fulfill this father’s last wish. But, the priest was not ready. So, the argument reached such a level that all the priests of the city assembled. However, even they all couldn’t reach on a conclusion.
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Will and Enlightenment:

While the argument was on, a person came with his father’s letter and handed that over to the son.
My Dear Son,

Do you see this? When I was alive, I had everything wealth, bungalow, vehicle, big factories, and farmhouses, but still, I cannot even take a pair of torn socks with me.

One day you will also die, remember the fact that you also will have to go all alone.

So, try not to hurt anyone for money. Make sure you do not earn money by harming anyone. I am not asking you to stop earning money or not to use it for your pleasure. Do use it, but make sure you do it without harming anyone. And, try investing a little money in the well being of mankind.

It’s very important for you to know that after you leave the body only KARMA will go with you. So, there is no point only running after wealth until you die.

Hence, I would like to give you the Will and Enlightenment both.

  •  It is common to make 50 or more friends in a year. But, it is special to maintain a friendship for 50 years or more with a friend.
  • There was a time when we use to think that our time would come. And, today is the time when we think that what a wonderful time that was.

  • Life does not change in a minute. However, a decision taken by thinking for a minute changes the whole life.

  • Once you achieve success in life, never forget your hardship and low days.
  • Voice has a strange power. A bitter speaker could not even sell honey, and a sweet speaker easily sells the chilies.
  • A human is a shop and his/her tongue is a shop’s lock. Once the lock opens, then only it reveals what is the quality of the goods it has.
  • If you want to be a successful person, do something so that people search for you on Google and not on facebook.

  • Don’t be afraid of criticism. The tree which bears maximum fruits, get the maximum hits.
  • Winning and losing depends on your thinking. If you believe, it will be a defeat; and, you decide then it will a win.

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  • The cheapest thing in the world is advice. If you ask even only one of it, you will get thousands of them. However, if you ask for thousands of supporters, most probably, you will get it from one only, at times maybe none.

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